Facts about Cyprus

Area: 9,251 sq km
Capital: Nicosia
Language: Greek, Turkish
Currency: Euro
  Turkish Lira
Population: 784,301
Coastline: 648 sq km

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Border Checkpoints

As a peace measure to aid the unification of the Greek and Turkish Cypriots it was agreed that various crossing should be opened along what is known as the Green Line. The Green line is what serves as the current partition of Cyprus separating the Island into North and South Cyprus.

At present there are 5 active checkpoints that can be used for crossing the Green Line in Cyprus. There are plans to open more but after the opening of the last crossing, Zohdia efforts to open new checkpoints have slowed considerably.

These are the existing active Green Line Crossing Checkpoints in Cyprus:

Nicosia (Lefkosa, Lefkosia)

  • Agios Dometios
    This checkpoint serves as a crossing for vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and goods. The checkpoint is located in Nicosia and as you can see Nicosia also goes by two other names. Another common names for this checkpoint is Metehan which is normally used by the Turkish Cypriot community. This is the flagship of the checkpoints due to the number of people who make the crossing through it on a daily basis.
  • Ledra Palace
    Another name for this crossing is the Ledra Palas crossing. On a daily basis this crossing is used as crossing point for cyclists and pedestrians. The only vehicles that are allowed to cross at this crossing point are diplomatic vehicles.

British Eastern Sovereign Base Area

  • Black Knight
    This crossing point is also known as Azios Nikolaos, Strovilia, or Akyar. It is one of the two crossing points that lies within the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. This checkpoint is used for the crossing of vehicles, pedestrians, and goods.
  • Pergamos
    This crossing point may also be known as Beyarmudu, or Dhekelia, and is one of the two crossing points that lie inside the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. This checkpoint is used for the crossing of vehicles, pedestrians, and goods

Güzelyurt (Too many to list check below)

  • Zohdia
    As stated above Güzelyurt is known by many names. All these names are also used as names for the Zohdia crossing. So the Zodhia crossing point is also known as, Astromeritis, Güzelyurt, Morfou, Morfu, Morpho, or Omorfo. Of the current active check points this was the last to be opened to the public. This is an area that lies to the west of Nicosia and aided in establishing checkpoints in all regions of the island, mainly East, West, and Centre. The Zohdia crossing point is used for the crossing of vehicles, pedestrians, and goods.

Checkpoint Names

Many if not all of the checkpoints along the Green Line in Cyprus have more then one name. In general it is taken for granted that on this island everything will have three names. So the crossings are generally known by all three names, one for each language, English, Greek, and Turkish.

Added to that the checkpoint can also take on the name of the region or neighbouring villages. Nowhere, has this been clearer than at the Zohdia checkpoint in Güzelyurt.

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