Facts about Cyprus

Area: 9,251 sq km
Capital: Nicosia
Language: Greek, Turkish
Currency: Euro
  Turkish Lira
Population: 784,301
Coastline: 648 sq km

Cyprus Reviews

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Cyprus Holiday by Jill (2009-07-27)
I have just returned from north cyprus, we had a super holiday. I do believe the biggest problem is the litter along the coastline. We love to swim and sun bathe on the beach. Unfortunately there were few places which we felt we could swim without the huge amount of waste. Non of the bins were empty on the beaches. We stopped in a small cove area where there was a single size mattress dumped to rot. I feel that if you want to keep attracting tourism and make families return this is something which seriously needs addressing. I know litter does get washed up with the tide but much of the rubbish was obviously tipped. builders materials etc. We visited one of the turtle coves on the kyrenian side of the coast right near the top of the island an exotic white sand location, but I couldn't stay there it made me feel quite sick to see and also the danger plastic bags, bottles etc will cause to the turtles. I will return because it was such a lovely holiday but in a couple of years hoping that the problem is addressed.
Beware of private parking by Thomas (2009-04-15)
Cyprus is an interesting country with very friendly people. The ancient sites and landmarks are easy to find and well marked along the motorways. Hiring a car & driving around is the best way to see what the island offers.The village of Omodos, on the way to the Troodos Mountains, is not to be missed as it\'s very picturesque. Nicosia is a busy city especially driving towards the town centre. Beware of parking in private car parks, in particular, one along Arsinos Road, a few steps from Debenhems Dept. Store. There is a flat rate of 10 Euros! That was a tourist trap! It's better to park in designated car parks which only charge one Euro an hour.
Holiday in Paradise by jana (2008-09-23)
Cyprus is a beautiful place. It is the island of legends and history. Places such as Kourion, Salamis reminds you of ancient times of Cyprus history. St. Hilarion castle is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It takes you a couple of hours to explore, but the trip is definitely worth it. In Limassol, you will find holiday resorts with not only hotels, beaches, but also entertainment. Pietra di Rombou is a magical place and so is Karpaz with its unpoilt nature. Whether you are longing for a quiet magical place or busy holiday destination, you find it here. Paphos Medieval Fort, Limassol Holiday resort, busy life in Ayia Napa, Kyrenia Harbour, Salamis ancient city, St. Hilarion Castle .. you must see.
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